15 May 2011

Hello again!

Hello one and all! This morning I decided to start afresh on BlogTV. I started this blog back when I was 11. That was 5 years ago! Read some of my early posts. My grammar and spelling was poision to the eyes and would probably piss off any grammar Nazi to the point of starting another Holocaust but for the illiterate. I also went on hiatus for months at a time.

I deleted all 112 posts and shot the old layout, forcing it into regeneration and now there's a new layout and design. Do you like it? I spent most of my morning on it!

I want to keep this blog going to keep a record of my memories. Perhaps not a detailed record, but a record in which contains a few paragraphs followed by a nice little picture. Hopefully you'll enjoy reading this! That would be such a great bonus!

My life chopped up into little bits. The highlights if you like. Here we go! Again!